Sound Board


Aaron Mattes grew up in Boston surrounded by music with a professional vocalist mother and an Emmy Award winning father who engineered for National Public Radio. He was raised in a studio environment, starting piano at age 5, drums at age 7, and DJing, producing and recording local artists at age 12. Aaron's studies led him to Berklee College of Music and Los Angeles Recording School (LARS), where he honed his recording engineering skills. After LARS he started an internship at Westlake Studios where he made his way up to assistant engineer, working with countless high profile artists for the next 3 years. Aaron decided to leave LA and worked at studios in both New York City and Tel Aviv for the following 2 years before he ended up back in Boston as the Head Engineer at Boston's top recording studio Cybersound. There he developed a reputation for his Recording and Mixing skills focused on Hip Hop, R&B and Pop.

 Aaron returned to Los Angeles in 2019 to work with Grammy-Nominated Mixer Erik Madrid. He is currently a staff engineer at Atlantic Records and Warner Music Group, and works out of his own studio located in the heart of Hollywood, providing pro mixing services.